Love poetry has a way of capturing the most profound human emotions in just a few lines. Whether you’re newly in love, nursing a broken heart, or simply an aficionado of beautiful words, there’s something deeply satisfying about a well-crafted love poem. As a book reviewer and passionate poetry lover, I’ve curated a list of the top 15 poetry books about love that will sweep you off your feet. These collections, spanning classic to contemporary and diverse cultural traditions, are perfect for book lovers everywhere. So, let’s dive in and discover some poetic gems!

Classic Poetry Collections

“Sonnets from the Portuguese” by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

"Sonnets from the Portuguese" by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s heartfelt sonnets penned during her courtship with Robert Browning.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s “Sonnets from the Portuguese” is a collection of 44 sonnets written during her courtship with Robert Browning. These sonnets are a testament to her profound love and admiration for him. The collection includes the famous sonnet “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways,” which beautifully articulates the depth of her feelings.

Personal Anecdote: I first encountered this collection in a high school English class, and I was struck by the intensity and sincerity of Browning’s words. It was my first real introduction to the power of poetry to convey deep emotions.

“The Sonnets” by William Shakespeare

"The Sonnets" by William Shakespeare
Shakespeare’s timeless collection exploring the complexities of love, beauty, and mortality.

No list of love poetry is complete without mentioning Shakespeare. His 154 sonnets explore themes of love, beauty, politics, and mortality. Sonnet 18, “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” is one of the most famous, celebrating the timeless beauty of the beloved.

Shakespeare’s exploration of love is complex and multi-faceted, often delving into themes of unrequited love and the passage of time.

“Love Poems” by Pablo Neruda

"Love Poems" by Pablo Neruda
Pablo Neruda’s passionate and sensual verses capturing the essence of love.

Pablo Neruda’s “Love Poems” is a collection filled with passionate and sensual poetry. Neruda’s ability to capture the physical and emotional aspects of love is unparalleled. His poems are rich with imagery and emotion, making them a favorite for many lovers around the world.

Personal Anecdote: I gifted this book to my partner on our first anniversary. Reading Neruda’s vivid descriptions of love together brought us even closer, and we often revisit our favorite poems on special occasions.

“The Love Poems of Rumi” translated by Deepak Chopra

"The Love Poems of Rumi" translated by Deepak Chopra
Rumi’s mystical and spiritual love poems, beautifully translated by Deepak Chopra.

Rumi’s mystical and spiritual love poems have been beloved for centuries. His work transcends the physical and dives into the divine, offering profound insights into the nature of love and the human soul. Translated by Deepak Chopra, this collection brings Rumi’s wisdom to the modern reader with clarity and beauty.

Modern and Contemporary Collections

“The Prophet” by Kahlil Gibran

"The Prophet" by Kahlil Gibran
Kahlil Gibran’s philosophical reflections on love, life, and human relationships.

Although not exclusively a book of love poetry, Kahlil Gibran’s “The Prophet” contains beautiful and profound reflections on love. Gibran’s philosophical musings are timeless, offering wisdom on the nature of love, marriage, and relationships.

Personal Anecdote: I was introduced to “The Prophet” during a particularly challenging time in my life. Gibran’s words provided comfort and clarity, helping me navigate my own feelings of love and longing.

“The Sun and Her Flowers” by Rupi Kaur

"The Sun and Her Flowers" by Rupi Kaur
Rupi Kaur’s modern, accessible poetry exploring love, loss, and healing.

Rupi Kaur’s second collection, “The Sun and Her Flowers,” explores themes of love, loss, trauma, healing, and femininity. Her modern, accessible style and powerful imagery have resonated with a wide audience. Kaur’s poems are raw and honest, capturing the complexities of love in a contemporary context.

“Love & Misadventure” by Lang Leav

"Love & Misadventure" by Lang Leav
Lang Leav’s whimsical and heartfelt poems capturing the highs and lows of love.

Lang Leav’s debut poetry collection touches on the highs and lows of love and relationships. Her whimsical and heartfelt poems are easy to relate to, making this book a favorite among young adults. Leav’s style is simple yet evocative, capturing the essence of modern love.

Personal Anecdote: I discovered Lang Leav’s work during my college years. Her poems felt like they were written just for me, capturing the rollercoaster of emotions that comes with young love and heartbreak.

“Ariel” by Sylvia Plath

Ariel" by Sylvia Plath
Sylvia Plath’s intense and emotionally charged poems on passion and personal relationships.

While not exclusively about love, Sylvia Plath’s “Ariel” is a powerful and emotionally charged collection. Her exploration of passion, desire, and personal relationships is intense and deeply moving. Plath’s raw honesty and vivid imagery make her poetry unforgettable.

Diverse Voices and Perspectives

“Citizen Illegal” by José Olivarez

"Citizen Illegal" by José Olivarez
José Olivarez’s fresh and poignant poems on love, identity, and the immigrant experience.

José Olivarez’s “Citizen Illegal” touches on love within the context of cultural identity, family, and the immigrant experience. His poems offer a fresh and poignant perspective on love, blending humor with deep emotional insights.

“Love Poems” by Anne Sexton

"Love Poems" by Anne Sexton
Anne Sexton’s raw and honest exploration of the complexities of love.

Anne Sexton’s collection captures the complexities of love with her characteristic intensity and honesty. Her poems address both the beauty and darker aspects of love, making her work resonate with anyone who has experienced the highs and lows of romantic relationships.

“The Carrying” by Ada Limón

"The Carrying" by Ada Limón
Ada Limón’s warm and clear poetry on love, loss, and resilience.

Ada Limón’s “The Carrying” explores themes of love, loss, and resilience. Her warm and clear writing style, combined with her exploration of contemporary issues, makes her poetry highly relatable and impactful.

Love Poetry from Different Cultural Traditions

“Songs of Kabir” translated by Rabindranath Tagore

"Songs of Kabir" translated by Rabindranath Tagore
Kabir’s spiritual and devotional love poems, translated by Rabindranath Tagore.

Kabir, a 15th-century Indian mystic poet, wrote deeply spiritual and devotional love poems. Translated by Rabindranath Tagore, this collection captures Kabir’s profound insights into the nature of love and the divine.

“One Hundred Love Sonnets” by Pablo Neruda

"One Hundred Love Sonnets" by Pablo Neruda
Pablo Neruda’s passionate sonnets dedicated to his wife, Matilde Urrutia.

In “One Hundred Love Sonnets,” Pablo Neruda dedicates his poems to his wife, Matilde Urrutia. These sonnets are filled with passion, intimacy, and a deep sense of admiration, showcasing Neruda’s masterful ability to convey love in its many forms.

“The Book of Love: Poems of Ecstasy and Longing” by Rumi

"The Book of Love: Poems of Ecstasy and Longing" by Rumi
Rumi’s ecstatic and longing love poems, compiled by Coleman Barks.

This collection, compiled and translated by Coleman Barks, focuses specifically on Rumi’s love poems. These poems capture the ecstasy and longing of love, reflecting Rumi’s belief in love as a pathway to the divine.

“Haiku Love” edited by Alan Spence

"Haiku Love" edited by Alan Spence
A collection of evocative love-themed haikus from various Japanese poets.

“Haiku Love” is a collection of love-themed haikus from various Japanese poets. The minimalist beauty of haiku captures the essence of love in just a few lines, offering a unique and evocative exploration of the theme.

Personal Anecdote: Reading haiku has always been a meditative experience for me. The simplicity and depth of these poems often leave me reflecting on the fleeting yet profound moments of love in my own life.


Love poetry has a unique ability to capture the most intimate and universal human experiences. Whether you’re drawn to the classic sonnets of Shakespeare, the passionate verses of Neruda, or the modern musings of Rupi Kaur, there’s something in this list for everyone. These collections offer a window into the many facets of love, from its joyous heights to its sorrowful depths.

So, whether you’re looking to rekindle a romance, heal a broken heart, or simply lose yourself in beautiful words, these poetry books about love are sure to sweep you off your feet. Happy reading!

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